Wes Craven Retrospective Coming This October!

We here at Bigger Show are huge fans of Wes Craven. When his passing was announced it left us feeling the void that comes when someone you admire is cut down before their time. Wes’ illness was a private matter, making his passing even more shocking.

We wanted to pay tribute to the man who has given us so much over the years so as part of our annual month long tribute to all things horror and Halloween, we will be having a Wes Craven retrospective week next month.

We asked you, the fans of Wes and listeners of our show, to pick out the 10 movies from Wes’ filmography that you wanted us to cover and the results are in!

Wes Craven Retro announcement 1

These are the ten films that we’ll be covering either through the retrospective episode, You Haven’t Seen That?!?!, or one of our new segments: Second Chance Cinema and VS. We’ll also be asking guests, filmmakers, writers and fans to cover some of the films we won’t have a chance to.

We can’t wait to record this tribute to Wes and we can’t wait to hear your favorite Craven memories too.


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