Victor Salva is a pedophile. And we have to stop supporting him.

When it comes to scandal its hard to separate the fact from the fiction sometimes. But as I write this, I want to focus on the facts so let’s start:

I saw the first Jeepers Creepers film after being profoundly effected by the trailer. I made my mom drive an hour to see the film and I throughly enjoyed it. I thought the Creeper was one of the best modern monsters and I thought the whole film worked very well.

I was sexually abused by my father. It was an experience that has come back into my life at different times over the past 27 years. It aided in my self destruction and my alcoholism. My abuser died in 2014 and while it brought me some sense of peace, it also meant I would never get the answers I needed.

In 1988, while filming his movie Clownhouse, Victor Salva molested a 12 year old boy. He videotaped it and was found to have child pornography in his home. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison and only served 15 months of that sentence.

He was released and in 1995 he was hired again to make a film. This time by DISNEY. It was for the film Powder. He has continued to make films for the past 20+ years and just today, it was announced that production has begun on his third Jeepers Creepers film.

Victor Salva is a convicted pedophile. Victor Salva did an unspeakable thing and did not serve his full sentence. Victor Salva has continued to have support from members of the filmmaking community including being mostly bankrolled by Francis Ford Coppola.

My abuser is dead and I will never have to face him. Salva’s victim has to continue to watch this man, who committed a heinous act on him, flourish and thrive. He is constantly reminded of what happened to him.

These have all been facts. There’s no disputing that. But I think there is a fact that we have yet to address. We have to stop giving our support to these people. 

We can’t stop these films from getting made, true. But we can control whether or not they see a dime from the work they are allowed to continue to make. It is time to stop supporting pedophiles. It is time to stand up for the victims. It’s time to say “No More”. 



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