Bigger Show Review: Another WolfCop (Fantasia 2017)

I’ve always been a big fan of wacky law enforcement movies. Give me your Maniac Cop, your RoboCop, your Turner and Hooch and the like. The same can be said of wild werewolf fare like Project Metalbeast, Ginger Snaps, or Late Phases. So in 2014 when WolfCop finally howled at the moon after a long competition (check out our interview with director Lowell Dean here for all those details!) I devoured it.

Alcohol swilling cop Lou Garou becomes the victim of some occult goings-on and is transformed into the titular badass. Along with buddy Willie and fellow cop Tina, the trio must work to get to the bottom of the darkness over their town. It’s a wild ride and by the end, you’re definitely left wanting more but could it work? Can you take a high concept, werewolf horror comedy and grow on that foundation or would it fall to pieces, doomed to repeat the same jokes? Well, I am happy to report that a sequel has arrived and that it does absolutely everything a good sequel should: it grows on the original idea, it gives us our favorite characters in new and exciting situations and introduces new ones that are just as fun and engaging, but most importantly it gives us 100% more of the lycan hero we’ve come to love.

The film picks up shortly after the first outing and finds Woodhaven in a period of change. Local eccentric businessman Swallows (Yannick Bisson) is about to unleash a new hockey stadium and brewery (Chicken Milk anyone?) and something much darker upon the residents. With the help of new mayor (played beautifully by Kevin Smith) who can possibly stand up to this evil, new and old, in Woodhaven? Enter WolfCop!

From his first scene, it’s clear that director Dean and company are holding nothing back. The blood, bullets and fur begin to fly as Lou doles out justice the only way he knows how. The design of our hero has been updated as have his methods of dispatching scumbags. If there was one complaint of the first film, it was that there was a lack of werewolf madness and that is also the biggest improvement of the sequel. The gore and gags are big and over the top and a hell of a lot of fun.

It’s also great to see our heroes having settled into their roles as well. Leo Fafard’s Lou and Amy Matysio’s Tina have great chemistry and once Jonathan Cherry’s Willie returns (we won’t spoil how here), the trio fall right back into the report that made the first film work so well, but now that they’ve had some time in their respective skins, it really pops. The sinister Swallows as well as folks like Smith’s mayor and deputy Daisy (Devery Jacobs) are all welcome additions to the already stellar lineup.

The real standout here, however, is Dean’s ability to world build. The first WolfCop got a little bogged down in mythology, especially in the third act, but Dean has grown as a filmmaker and writer and has learned the delicate balance of creating a whole world. In Another WolfCop, we get plenty of tastes of things we’ve seen before like the lizard people cult but we also get a sense that Dean is working towards bigger things for our hero. The film doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger but it certainly leaves you chomping at the bit for more more mythology and mayhem.

Another WolfCop is a ton of fun without reinventing the wheel. There’s more of everything that made the first film a blast and has cut out most of the problems of the first as well. If this is the trajectory of the WolfCop universe, Lou and his cohorts will be in for another over the top adventure very soon and I cannot wait.

The film premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival but you can keep up with all the updates via their facebook page as well as their website.

4.5/5 barrels.

Review by Mike D.


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